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General head scratchers

Sticky9, eh? Tell me more!
Sticky9 is a fun printing service that transforms your favourite photos into Magnets, Square Prints, Posters and much more. In fact you can see our full collection here (we regularly add new lines, so keep your eyes peeled). Our HQ is based in London but we ship worldwide. Oh! and did we mention our shipping is FREE!
Do you ever run special offers?
We do! Our special offers run at different times of the year and can vary by location, time zone, whether you’re shopping on the App or on the website :) You can see our latest offers by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or by signing up to our emails here. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Payment & Shipping bamboozlers

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal and most major credit cards.
But I live in Timbuktu. Can I order from Sticky9?
Yes, of course! We ship anywhere in the world. Find out more about our Shipping times here. It can take up to 14 working days for your Sticky9 order to arrive depending on your region.
How will I know when my order will arrive?
Once you’ve placed your order we’ll send you a confirmation email with your estimated delivery time (psst, make sure you check your spam folder, they can often get lost in there). We get to work on your order within 24 hours of receiving it (yay!) and you can find the shipping time for your region here.
My order hasn't arrived yet. Where is it?
It can take up to 14 working days for your package to arrive. If more than 14 working days have gone by, please get in touch with our customer support team here.
I read on your blog that Sticky9 shipping and production is carbon neutral?
Yep! We’re really excited to let you know that all of our shipping and production is carbon neutral :) We’re doing our bit to combat global warming (and even look after 500 African elephants!) Learn more here.

Product creation puzzlers

So you guys sell personalised Magnets, right?
Yes we do! We LOVE Magnets (they are our signature product). Our Magnets come as one sheet of nine, and you can separate them into 9 individual Magnets - this is where the fun really begins! All of our Magnets come with a white border.
That’s great I LOVE Magnets! What sizes do they come in?
We have either Classic Medium or Classic Large. The Classic Medium sheet measures 15cm x 15cm with each individual Magnet measuring 5cm x 5cm. Our Classic Large Magnets are 21cm x 21cm with each individual Magnet measuring 7cm x 7cm. All of our Magnets have a white border around the edge. Got it? Okay, Cool! Our sheets of 9 Magnets weight 106g with each individual Magnet weighing 11.77g.
What’s a Jigsaw Magnet?
With our Jigsaw Magnet you can turn your favourite photo into a magnetic jigsaw. Pretty cool right? It’s only available in our Medium size at the moment (15cm x 15cm) and each individual Magnet comes with a white border.
What about your Retro Magnets?
Our Retro Magnets measure 6.1cm x 5.1cm. Your image will measure 4.5cm x 4.5cm inside the funky retro border which measures 0.3cm at the thinnest point and 1.6cm at the widest point.
Do your Magnets stick to stainless steel?
Well, it depends on the type of steel: ferritic and martensitic stainless steels are magnetic but unfortunately annealed austenitic stainless steels are non-magnetic. Your fridge manufacturer should be able to let you know the type of steel used.
Are the Magnets included when I buy the Magnet Wall Frame?
They sure are! When ordering your MWF you can turn your 9 favourite photos into the Classic Medium Magnets which will be displayed in your frame. These Magnets can be swapped with different Magnets, then put back, then swapped again, then back, then swapped - you get the idea ;)
Sounds great! What else do you sell?

Ah, we’re glad you asked ;) We have an ever-expanding range of products which includes Square Prints, Magnet Wall Frames, Retro Prints, Posters and so much more. See what tickles your fancy here.

Square Prints - Turn your favourite photos into 27 premium matt finish Square Prints. Each Square Print is made using high quality smooth card and has a framed white border. Choose between two sizes: Classic 10cm x 10cm or Large 13cm x 13cm.

Retro Prints - Turn your favourite photos into 27 Retro Style Prints. Each Retro Style Print measures 8.7 x 10.5cm and is printed on on high quality cardstock with a matt finish

Posters - Turn your favourite 35 photos into a Photo Poster. The poster measures 40 x 61 cm and has a portrait layout. Printed on premium photo paper with a matt finish.

Photobooks - Turn your favourite photos into a 20 page Photobook. Add one image per page and your first 9 photos will appear on the glossy, hardback cover (yay!). Our Photobook measures 20cm x 20cm and is printed on premium white matt pages with white borders.

Greeting Cards - Turn your favourite photos into a set of 9 Greeting Cards. Each folded card measures 15 x 15cm. They’re printed on high quality card with a premium matt finish, and come with 9 envelopes.

Stickers - Turn your favourite photos into 9 Reusable Photo Stickers. Our Stickers are SO cool. Unlike regular stationery stickers you can stick them on any smooth surface (glass, walls and metal), they don’t leave marks, glue, mess or residue! They come in a variety of different sizes each 1mm thick.

Speech Bubble Magnets - Leave notes for your loved ones or reminders for that important appointment. Write on and wipe off with ease. Comes with a nifty, black pen.

Magnet Wall Frame - Our Magnet Wall Frame (MWF) holds 9 Medium Magnets in a beautifully designed Magnetic Frame. This way you can update your art as much as you like just by swapping your Magnets. The MWF measures 25cm x 25cm.

The frame itself comes with everything you need to get it on the wall using good old-fashioned hanging brackets (you’ll need your trusty hammer for this part).

We update our collection on a regular basis, so you can stay up to date here.

Can I use any images on Sticky9?
Pretty much. You can use photos from Facebook, Instagram, your camera roll or desktop. Yippee! You can use most image files (JPEG, PNG and GIF), the smallest size you can upload is 45KB, and the largest is 5MB. :)
I want to log in to using a different Instagram account but I'm having trouble. What am I doing wrong?
Don't worry! Just follow these steps…
  1. Log out of
  2. Log out of
  3. Log in to using the details of the account you want to use
  4. Log in to using the details of the account you want to use.
All set? Great!
Do you sell Gift Certificates?
Yes we do! You can buy gift certificates here. To redeem your gift certificate simply add your gift certificate code to the basket. To find out more about our gift certificates click here.
Do you have a refer a friend scheme?

We certainly do! When you place an order with Sticky9 we’ll give you a unique refer a friend code. If you share this code with your pals they’ll get 15% off their next order and you get the 15% value of that order in your account as credit. Here’s a little example:

  1. James loves his new Sticky9 Magnets so much he shares his unique code with Afonso (Afonso has never used Sticky9 before).
  2. Afonso then goes on Sticky9 and spends 10 (dollars/ pounds/ Krona/ any currency) using the 15% code from James.
  3. Afonso gets 15% off his order (wahoo) and James gets 1.50 (dollars/ pound/ Krona/ any currency) in his account as credit (double wahoo).
  4. James and Afonso *high five*.
More information on our Refer a friend scheme can be found here.
Want to work with us?
Get in touch here
So what’s #S9PRINTME all about?
#S9PrintMe is a service where you can hashtag photos with #S9PrintMe and order one Square Print at a time, yay! It gives you the opportunity to print as little and as often as you like by simply hashtagging your photos. Intrigued? Find out more here.

Still stuck? Oh wow we're really sorry about that, come vent some steam with our lovely customer service team.

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