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We are... mad about Magnets!

Sticky9 was born in London in 2011 out of a love of Instagram and a desire to make cool, real-life stuff from digital content.

We were called StickyGram in the beginning and back then life was all about Instagram magnets. Those little photo magnets and their iconic 9-grid are loved the world over + they remain at the heart of our business. Heck, that's why we changed our name to Sticky9!

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We are... always growing.

Right now, we make magnets, custom phone cases and iPad covers from your photos but the Sticky9 collection is set to grow.

We promise, if our products don't make US go, ‘WOW!’ then you won't ever see them. Simple. Get ready for more photo fun.

We are... small but *perfectly* formed.

We're just a small team. We like it that way. Some of us design things, others write things down and take photos.

Some of us build things on the internet and do fancy maths. We all have our special ‘thing’ – but we also have one thing in common...

We all LOVE Sticky9!

We are... lucky to have you with us on our Sticky9 adventure.

We're not stupid. We know that Sticky9 belongs as much to YOU as it does to us. So – talk to us whenever you want to. Tell us when we get it right, tell us when we get it wrong – send us your product wish-lists or photos of Sticky9 in action!  We really mean it when we say we want you to be involved.

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